“I just want to say once again, as I did so many times when we were going through our mess, thank you. You were so professional and knowledgeable with our circumstance, as well as being an incredible compassionate human being.

You always told me to call you no matter when and that is something I have never or will ever forget.”


“Thanks for sorting this so quick ladies and for being in a truly admirable profession that provides hope and support most will never understand unless faced with this circumstances.

Cheryl you have been a powerhouse of help and support to me and I will forever be in your debt mentally and personally and always your biggest advocate!”

Name Withheld

“I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you our heartfelt thanks for helping us through a most difficult time in our lives.

Sadly as you know we, like so many others, were caught up in the Global Financial Crisis and we were totally unprepared for how badly and how quickly things can domino into total disaster. Our lives were in turmoil before we were introduced to you by a mutual friend. We are so glad that we found you and consequently the professional services your company provides.

You took our desperation and guided us through the necessary stages on a path to an out come which was to give us the strength, knowledge and ability to go forward from this point.

Not only would I like to extend this letter as an indication of our gratitude, but I would like to take the opportunity for you to pass on this letter to others in a similar situation, so that we may be able to urge them to put their trust in you just we (thankfully) did.

Once again, thank you for everything you did for us and our family”

Doug and Jenny

“I wanted to write and thank you for your professional assistance in bringing me back from a financial and personal disaster to a position of hope and positive outlook for the future. Following a referral from my accountant to your organisation only some 4 weeks ago when I was facing total ruin due to massive debts. I now find myself, thanks to you able to move forward and retain my business and in fact maintain my dignity as a person.

My first meeting with you was somewhat personally emotional, yet I left your office with a feeling of total relief and re-assurance that despite my dire consequences, that you would , and certainly did, offer a number of options to ensure I would actually move forward and beyond to continue trading with little or no disruption.

I can certainly confirm that you have far exceeded my expectations of your companies abilities, but more so the speed and stress free way in which you have dealt with my predicament. The fees charged for your companies services are certainly very miniscule in relation to the outcome you have achieved on my behalf.

Recommendations for your company come freely, positively and unreservedly. Although I do not wish to ever return to a position such as this, I actually already miss the upbeat nature I experienced from you.”


“Your guidance has meant that my wife and I have been able to keep ownership of our personal assets and you have helped us set everything up so that we have made the best of what we thought was a dire situation.

I will certainly recommend your company to any of my friends that need financial assistance in the future.”


“…Due to a number of circumstances, my husband and I experienced financial difficulty in our business. Specifically, our age and inexperience – together with non-payment from a key debtor – was the downfall for us. Being in a regional town with limited resources, we did not know where to go for advice.

Our Accountant said “we don’t know what to do with this situation. Good luck!” A casual discussion with a friend of a friend led us to Cheryl. For a few reasons, we nearly didn’t call her. We thought that our Accountant was right and that there was no way out of our financial mess. We also thought that it could be a scam and we’d be worse off. We were very skeptical, as what we’d been told she could potentially do for us just sounded impossible.

The only reason that we called Cheryl is because the friend of a friend had worked with her previously – and he could not speak more highly of her. His advice to us was to “just trust her. Whatever she says – do it. Just trust her”.

Since the first phone call to her, we have been completely astounded with Cheryl’s knowledge and capabilities. Furthermore, she conducts herself in a professional, respectful and sensitive manner. Cheryl has never made us feel uncomfortable. In fact, she has made us feel more comfortable with our situation as we move forward through it. Not only is she the professional that guides us through the process, Cheryl is also the mentor who listens and offers advice.

We still have a little way to go with our process with Cheryl, however, I trust that she will deliver what she has promised. She has not let us down yet. Indeed, after seeing the evidence of Cheryl’s work, our accountant remarked “I’ve never seen anything like this. This is amazing. I did not think that this was possible. The others (Accountants at the firm) can’t believe it either. We have many other clients who could use her help”.

If you choose to work with Cheryl, you will find it to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


My wife and I would like to thank you for help and support over the last 18 months when we found ourselves with a huge debt as a result of bad advice on our how our companies should have been structured. We believed that we would lose every thing that we had spent the last 40 years working for. Your firm came highly recommended by a friend that you had helped, but we didn’t really believe that it was possible to retain our many business’ interests and property developments while going through both the liquidation and bankruptcy process.

As a result of your tenacity and dedication to understanding our complex company structure,and your expertise in formulating strategies that work and overseeing their implementation, the group has survived intact.

We cant thank you enough for the professionalism you have shown us and your patience and understanding during those moments of emotional despair.

Thanks to you, we have been able to put the emotional rollercoaster ride of the last few years behind us and get on with our lives.

Bill and Gwen

“Hi Girls, I just want to say a MASSIVE heartfelt THANKYOU for all your help, guidance, advice, care & support!

Without any of the above, I could not have got through any of this without you. After my marriage dissolved & unexpectedly my situation arose I had no idea which corner to turn & then with the news of my mother you girls were like my guardian angels & I feel so blessed that I was able to speak/email either of you & be treated with the sincerest care of my situation, that in itself made such a difference & took all the pressure & anxiety away. So if anyone gets to read this testimonial I personally have overcome the most humiliating, stressful time in my life with the help of these beautiful people at Strategic not only are they a business they are a business with HEART & COMPASSION!

I would recommend this company TO ANYONE JUST do it you will have no regrets.
So once again girls & your team id like to say thank you from the depths of my heart & thank you for making my Xmas a very relaxed one this year & 2015 looks so much brighter.

This could not have happened without all your help!

“My life can finally start its new journey”


We first met Cheryl Stainsby in 2010 when we realized we were in a very difficult financial situation that we could no longer control ourselves. Cheryl met with us straight away and talked to us and more importantly listened to our situation and was immediately able to offer some suggestions and advice. It took us a while to act on it however, as we continued on the Aussie battler course, which took a few months, and when we eventually did embark on following her strategy, we realized of course that we had simply prolonged the pain by not acting sooner. Our situation is now solved and we are also leading psychologically healthy lives never mind financially healthier!

Cheryl has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and loyalty and is very well versed in this area of business and legalities.

Cheryl is truly an asset (actually and angel!) to anyone suffering financial difficulties and I myself have recommended her to my close friends who are enduring the same fate.


“We were referred to Cheryl by our accountant when we could no longer ignore the trouble our business was in. Cheryl was committed right from the beginning to work towards a positive outcome. It then became apparent that we could not dig our way out of our debt. Cheryl then reassessed her focus on getting us through the liquidation of the business and managed our bankruptcy.

She made herself available at all times to answer our questions and continually reassured us when we needed it. Without the help of her team, I truly believe we wouldn’t have made it though this difficult time with our sanity. They took care of the mountains of paperwork and correspondence that was involved with every step.

We highly recommend Cheryl and her team to anyone who requires assistance or support with pre-insolvency, liquidation or bankruptcy. They have made a difficult time bearable.”

Nina and Justin

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