Personal Insolvency

There is a mistaken belief that because you have had to put a company into liquidation that you automatically lose your personal assets as well.

Often even in Bankruptcy, personal assets including the family home can be retained through our tailored strategies if you don’t delay.

Strategic Solutions assists Company Directors and Individuals with their personal affairs

  • Arranging directors’ personal affairs to minimise business risk
  • Dealing with personal guarantees
  • Negotiations with creditors
  • Preparing and assisting with the implementation of informal and formal personal insolvency arrangements.
  • Strategies to protect the family home

Dealing with Banks and Credit Card Companies

  • Advice on dealing with Banks and Credit Card Companies.
  • Strategies for Managing Personal Debt.
  • Advice for home owners who are behind in Mortgage repayments.
  • Advice for homeowners who are about to have or have had properties repossessed by the bank