Performance Improvement

Strategic Solutions assists company directors and business owners develop and implement realistic management and operating strategies to regain stability, viability and profitability.

When The Early Warning Signs Start......

The decision to engage professionals at the early signs of business distress is the key to successful business turnaround.

We can quickly identify problems in business management, production, sales and marketing. Drawing on our experience and a multi-disciplinary approach, we can help you with.

  • Work will commence within 24 hours of your agreement, putting emergency steps in place to stop the cash burn. We work fast and decisively. We stand in between your creditors, landlords, the tax department and disgruntled employees, so you can continue with a focused view within your business.
  • We unpack the core issues. What’s working and what’s not working in the business? What’s happening in your personal life? How do we make sure your family remains protected?
  • Once the business is stable, we get strategic and ask the big questions. We restructure the business and get it healthy and back on track.

Utilising our professional and experienced team, we are able to develop effective strategies to:

  • Build a balanced management team based on individual and appropriate skill sets
  • Strengthen management accountability through leadership development and goal setting
  • Evaluate results against a strategic plan
  • Use and improve management information systems to monitor and control liquidity and profitability
  • Identify and develop longer term succession plans in small to medium and family businesses
  • Strengthening shareholders’ asset value through improved accounting and governance
  • Transforming your finance operating model and sharpening your management framework
  • Streamline and accelerate your collections process

We will challenge you everyday to be a better business leader to enable you to pick your business up again in a stronger position.