Our Process

 What is our process?

  1. Pick up the phone and call us for a chat.
  2. Our first meeting is obligation free.
  3. We sit down with you and get a detailed business and/or personal history.
  4. We listen to you and we will put together a strategy tailor-made to your needs and situation and will be able to give you an approximate cost to complete.
  5. When you wish to engage our services, we will work with you to implement this strategy.
  6. We can start work straight away by putting in emergency steps. We'll stand in between your creditors, landlords, the tax department and disgruntled employees to ensure you are at ease.
  7. We make sure your family remains protected at all times.
  8. We will be there for you every step of the process and take the pressure off you.
  9. The consultants who meet with you at the first meeting are by your side throughout the entire process, every single step, every single day.
  10. We work according to an agreed detailed action plan so that we all understand the steps required to complete the course of action. We will ensure you are clearly advised and informed of every step of the process.
  11. The key to achieving the best possible outcome is more than strategy alone, it’s about implementation. Without the implementation, we only have a dream.
  12. We have the expertise and resources to make it happen whilst minimising your personal impact and stress. This is part of our personalised, boutique service for you.