Cheryl Stainsby

Cheryl Stainsby
Managing Director  and Executive  Strategist  
Strategic Solutions (QLD)

 With 20  year’s experience in business and pre-insolvency,  Cheryl has a wealth of  understanding and expertise when  dealing with business owners and Individuals  who are facing    financial   crisis in  their lives.
 Her early career experience gained from  working  in  London  and the Middle East has given her the ability to deal  clients from  all walks of life facing a wide variety of issues. Her down to earth style and ability to understand  the emotional  turmoil faced by clients comes from  a brush with insolvency via a  family business 14  years ago.
Fortunately, due to a good business structure and some sound advice from a mentor with a wealth of insolvency experience,  Cheryl and her family were able to survive the Liquidation of a much loved family business and move on with their lives.
This experience was the catalyst that  encouraged her to pursue a career assisting others facing similar situations.
While her greatest area of expertise is in putting strategies together for business and individuals facing immediate solvency issues,  she is passionate in trying to assist business owners to review their structures during profitable times and put measures in place which improve outcomes during times of financial stress. 
Cheryl is  fervent in her desire to see businesses who go through a  restructure process, supported afterwards to ensure they don’t fall into the same old ways again. She has developed strategic  alliances with  colleague’s who are able to offer this  support and expertise. The outcomes for companies  which take up this support is  greatly improved.  Cheryl has worked  with a range of clients in a variety of industries  including:

Property Development
Real Estate
Steel Fabrication

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